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I have to say when I first started using an iPhone. It never occurred to me to use my iPhone with my MacBook. I just simply didn’t think about it.

Then when someone mentioned Bluetooth between a Mac and an iPhone got them out of a fix.

And I thought. Why should I connect my iPhone to my Mac computer via Bluetooth?

When would I? And is it a good idea?

Read on for the results.

Why Connect iPhone To Mac Bluetooth

Bluetooth lets your iPhone connect and share data with your Mac when you’ve no WIFI. You can file transfer from your iPhone to your Mac. And move files from your Mac to your iPhone over Bluetooth. Bluetooth allows you to set up your iPhone as a personal hotspot for your Mac. And share your iPhone’s cellular data with your Mac to give your Mac Internet access.

That’s the overview. Now let’s look at the reasons and advantages in more detail.

1st Reason Why To Connect iPhone To Mac Via Bluetooth

Send info and files when there’s no Wi Fi connection.

When you’re using both your Mac and iPhone but your WIFI doesn’t work.

You could be in a part of a co-working space where the WIFI is just awful. Or working outdoors and your Mac can’t get WIFI.

Bluetooth connect your iOS device. Like your iPhone to your Mac’s Bluetooth and send those files.

2nd Reason Why To Bluetooth Between Your iPhone And Mac

Share your iPhone cell data plan when you’ve no WIFI.

As long as your iPhone can connect out to a cell tower. And you’ve a strong enough signal to use the Internet on your iPhone.

Your iPhone as a Bluetooth device can give your Mac access to the Internet as well. Form a Bluetooth connection between your Mac and your iPhone. Then turn your iPhone’s personal hotspot option on.

Your modern Mac will notice there’s a personal hotspot on your iPhone and offer to connect.  Click yes, on your Mac. And just like that you’ve got internet on your Mac, via Bluetooth from your phone.

3rd Reason Why To Link Your iPhone To Your Mac Over Bluetooth

Send info over to your Mac when you’ve no cable connection.

For certain, using a wired link between your Mac and iPhone is the fastest way of sending data between them.

But Bluetooth functionality is fairly reasonable – speed wise.

When you’ve no USB cable to plug your iPhone into your Mac computer. Or you’ve already got a device or two plugged into your Mac’s USB port. Then Bluetooth.

When your Mac and iPhone have a Bluetooth connection between them.

You can send files from your iPhone to your Mac. Select it where the app shows you a share icon.

iPhone Share Icon

Like tapping on a photo or 2 in your iPhone’s Photos app. Then tap the share icon. Click on your Mac’s name in the device list. And send the photo.

You can click on a Contact in your iPhone’s Contacts App and tap on ‘Share Contact’. Pick a music track downloaded to your device from the Music app store. Click the 3 dots to the right of the track and you can choose to share the song over Bluetooth.

Share files in your Files app on your iPhone. And share saved Notes you’ve made.

You can share from any app on your iPhone that presents you with a share option.

4th Reason To Join Your Mac To Your iPhone Over Bluetooth

Send from your Mac To Your iPhone.

Bluetooth technology on your Mac lets you send data to your iPhone as well. Right click on a file in Finder. Scroll down to the Share option. And pick Airdrop.

Right Click File In Finder And AirDrop

Then click on your iPhone’s name in the device list that comes up to send.

You might be thinking AirDrop?

Yes. Your Mac uses the AirDrop technology to send your file over Bluetooth.

It’s really handy to have this Bluetooth option when you need to send a file you’re working on to your iPhone. Because you need to send on iMessage for example and your Mac has no WIFI.

5th Reason Why To Join Your Mac To Your iPhone Over Bluetooth

Sharing a Bluetooth accessory with your Mac.

You may have headphones, a keyboard or trackpad. And if you’ve paired that device with your Mac via Bluetooth.

Then Bluetooth allows you to pair your connected Bluetooth device. Like a Bluetooth headphone, keyboard, mouse, Bluetooth speaker with your iOS device.

Unfortunately, a Bluetooth connected device may well only pair with one device at a time. Your Mac or your iPhone. But that still gives you the option to share from Apple device to Apple device.

To Set Up Bluetooth On Your Mac.

Click on the Apple icon top right on your desktop. From the Apple menu choose System Settings (from Mac OS Ventura). In earlier Mac OS releases like Mac OS Monterey, you’ll find it’s called System Preferences.

Click System Settings from the Apple menu.

System Settings From Apple Menu

From Mac OS Ventura

Scroll down and click General. Then Sharing.

System Settings General Sharing

Scroll down the right hand side of your System Settings and toggle on the switch for Bluetooth Sharing.

System Settings Bluetooth Sharing On

Then click on the information symbol (the letter i in a circle) alongside the Bluetooth sharing toggle switch. That will open a pop up window.

And on this window, you can choose how your Mac handles files shared over Bluetooth.

Bluetooth File Sharing Options

In Earlier Mac OS Releases

Open System Preferences. Then click on Sharing.

On the Bluetooth menu put a check in the box ‘Bluetooth Sharing’.

Set Up Bluetooth Sharing

Then set the bluetooth settings you want for receiving items. And what another device can browse over Bluetooth.  Click the Bluetooth preferences button. And on the next screen click the Bluetooth button to turn on Bluetooth.

Connect iPhone Turn On Bluetooth

Check the box to ‘Show Bluetooth In menu bar’. Then you’ll see the Bluetooth icon in your Mac’s menu bar at the top of your desktop.

The Bluetooth icon in your menu bar allows you to toggle your Bluetooth on and off. And connect to a nearby device by clicking on it in the list.

To Setup Bluetooth On Your iPhone

Tap on your Settings app. Scroll down to the Bluetooth option and tap.

Bluetooth Connect iPhone To Mac No WIFI

Then tap to toggle on Bluetooth. Your iPhone will start searching for a nearby device to connect to. When your Mac comes up in Other Devices. Tap to connect.

Check your Mac for the connection request and confirm. You’ll see a unique code. Check the same code shows on your iPhone. And confirm you want to pair on your iPhone. Then both devices are paired.

Want to learn more? Check out this Connect iPhone To Mac Bluetooth article on the site.

In Closing

Bluetooth isn’t just for your iPhone. You can use it for another iOS device. Like your iPad and/ or iPod Touch. You would set up and use the same way on your iPad or iPod Touch.

Your Bluetooth connectivity works over short range radio waves. This means that your devices need to be within 30 – 33 feet. Sometimes closer if there’s a lot of interference in your area.

Sadly, you can’t use Bluetooth to backup and sync in Finder to your iPhone. For sync’ing you’ll need to direct connect with USB or be on WIFI.

I hope you enjoyed this article.  While you’re here please feel free to check out our other iPhone related articles on the site.

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