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So, you’ve got yourself a Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB, 2TB or 4TB drive.

Or you’re planning to buy one.

And you’re searching the web for: ‘Toshiba Canvio Basics 2TB Mac setup’. Or something very similar.

How easy is the setup? Can you do it?

Read on because it’s pretty straightforward. And in no time, you’ll have the courage to get your setup done.

Toshiba Canvio Basics Mac Setup

Just because the Toshiba Canvio Basics is shipped from Toshiba as an NTFS drive. You can use it just as reliably on a Mac. You only need to format it as a Mac drive. And you use your Mac’s disk management software Disk Utility to do it.

Read on to find out how.

Preparation Ahead Of Your Basics 3.0 Mac Setup

Before you can connect your Basics Toshiba external hard drive into your Mac. You’ll likely need a USB C port adaptor.


When your MacBook dates from 2016 or later. Or you’ve a MacBook Pro that’s 2017 or later. MacBook Air 2018 or iMac 2016 or later.

All these Macs have USB type C ports on them.

Your Basics external hard drive comes with a USB cable with a type A plug on the end that plugs into your Mac.

Your USB 3.0 Basics Toshiba external hard drive as a USB drive will work fine on your Mac.  But you’ll need to get yourself a USB C adaptor.

And put that on the end of your Basics USB cable so you can plug into your Mac’s USB port.

How To Setup Toshiba Canvio Basics For Mac

Put your Basics Toshiba external drive on a firm surface. Afterall it is a hard drive and shouldn’t be shaken while it’s in use.

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1. Connect Your Basics Drive.

Your Basics Toshiba drive should now show up on your Mac’s desktop as a hard drive icon.

Toshiba Basics Drive Icon

If for some reason you can’t see your Basic’s drive’s icon on your Mac’s desktop. Then check your Finder Settings (Mac OS Ventura). In previous Mac OS releases it’s called Finder Preferences.

Open a Finder window, click on it. Then look at the top of your Mac’s desktop.

Finder Settings

Click on the General Tab. Then click the option to show ‘External Disks’ on your desktop.

Finder Settings Show External Disks

And your Basics Toshiba hard drive icon will be up on your Mac’s desktop.

If you’re still having issues with your Basics Toshiba external hard drive not working on Mac. Click the linked text to check out an article on the site for fixes.

Warning: Formatting / setting up your Basics external hard drive. Wipes off any files on your drive.

If you have any files on the drive you want. Copy them off somewhere else first. Once you have setup your Basics external drive for Mac then you can copy them back onto your drive.

2. Start Up Disk Utility.

You’re going to use your Mac’s disk management software. It’s called Disk Utility.

You can find Disk Utility by going to your Application Folder. Inside there click into your Utilities folder. Inside that you’ll find Disk Utility.

Finder Application Folder Utilities

When the software starts up. Check the settings of your Disk Utility View.

Toshiba Disk Utility View

Be sure ‘Show All Devices’ is the option chosen.

3. Find Your Basics Toshiba Hard Drive On Your External Drives List.

On the left of your Disk Utility window. Look under the External heading.

Check you can see multiple entries – levels for your Basics Toshiba external hard drive. You can expand the list by clicking on the small arrow to the left of your drive’s name.

Then click on your Basics Toshiba hard drive where you first see it. At the top level. Right where it appears under the External heading.

Toshiba Basics In External Drive List

This is really important. Because it ensures you can format your Basics external hard drive without issue.

4. Click Erase.

You’ll find a tab at the top of the pop up window with Erase on it. Click on that.

Select Erase

5. Setup The Basics Formatting Options For Mac.

Toshiba Basics Format Popup Window

Type in a name for your Basics Toshiba external hard drive.

Pick the file system.

When you’re setting up your Basics external hard drive for Mac and it’s in NTFS. The first time you format you’ll need to pick Mac OS Extended Journaled. You can format to other Mac file system formats after doing this the first time.

Toshiba Basics File System Format

Next for your scheme pick GUID Partition Map.

Toshiba Basics Pick GUID Partition Map

6. Click The Erase Button.

Toshiba Basics Erase To Start Format

Once you click Erase in a few moments your Mac will format your Basics Toshiba drive.

If you’d like a fuller understanding of the steps. And information on the other Mac file system format you can setup. You’ll find an article called Toshiba Canvio Basics format for Mac.

Click on this linked text to head on over to it.

And you’ll find this YouTube video helpful.

How To Format Toshiba Canvio Basics For Mac

Video Credit : MacTakeAwayData

When your formatting completes. Your Basics Toshiba external hard drive is setup for your Mac.

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After You’ve Setup Your Basics External Hard Disk And Want To Store Files

When you’ve set up your Basics drive on your Mac.

Double click on your Basic’s drive icon on your desktop.

That will open up a Finder window for you.

This Finder window is your window onto your drive. Any changes you make in that Finder window changes your drive. Any file that goes into that Finder window goes onto your drive.

You can:

Create Folders On Basics Toshiba Storage Capacity.

It’s best to create folders on your Basics hard drive. And use them to organize the files you drag and drop. Or copy and paste to your drive.

To create a folder. Click on your Basic’s Finder window.

Click ‘File’ at the top of your desktop. Pick ‘New Folder’ from the menu.

And your Mac will create a new folder on your Basics Toshiba external hard drive.

Finder Create New Folder

The folder is created untitled. Double click on the untitled text and give your folder any name you want.

Feel free to organize your files on your Basics hard drive. Copy and paste. Or drag and drop your files to your Basics drive.

For more information. You can take a look at this article all about how to use your Toshiba external drive.

Setup Your Basics Toshiba External Hard Drive For A Mac Backup

After you’ve set up your Basics external storage space for Mac. And it’s formatting is done.

Depending on the version of Mac OS x you’re running. Your Mac may well ask you if you’d like to use your Basics external storage as a backup drive. A destination for your Time Machine backup.

Time Machine is a part of your Mac OS x file system. And it’s the default backup software your Mac uses for its backup to an external storage device.

But if your Mac doesn’t ask the question. Or you said no. And now you’ve changed your mind. This is how you set your backup up.

From Mac OS Ventura Or Later

1. Start System Settings.

System Settings From Apple Menu

Scroll down the System Settings to the General option. Click on there. Then Scroll down to Time Machine and click.

2. Click The Button Add Backup Disk.

System Settings General Time Machine
System Settings Time Machine Add Backup Disk

Click on your Toshiba Canvio Basics drive. Then click Setup Disk.

3. Show Time Machine in Menu Bar

In System Settings click on Control Centre. Then scroll down to Time Machine. Then Click the option ‘Show In Menu Bar’.

System Settings Time Machine In Menu Bar

On Mac OS Releases Earlier Than Ventura

1. Start System Preferences.

Click the Apple logo top left on your desktop. Pick system preferences from the menu.

Double click on Time Machine in your System Preferences.

Time Machine in System Preferences

2. Uncheck ‘Back Up Automatically’.

For now make sure the box is unchecked.

Toshiba Canvio Basics Time Machine 1st Window

3. Check The box ‘Show Time Machine In Menu Bar’.

Put a check in the box ‘Show Time Machine In Menu Bar’. This shows the Time machine symbol on your desktop’s menu bar. And lets you to check the progress of your Time Machine backup easily.

4. Then Click On ‘Select Disk’.

Click on the Select Disk button.

5. Pick Your Basics External Hard Disk.

The next popup windows shows you every external storage device connected to your Mac. And your Basics drive external storage space will be there on the list.

Click on your drive.

Toshiba Canvio Basics Time Machine 2nd Window

6. Click ‘Use Disk’.

When you click on ‘Use Disk’ your Mac will then use your Toshiba Canvio Basics as a backup drive for your Mac.

You’re returned back to the 1st Time Machine screen.

Toshiba Canvio Basics Time Machine Returned To 1st Window

You can now put a check in the box ‘Back Up Automatically’. And each time your Basics portable hard drive connects to your Mac. Your Mac will kick off a Time Machine backup.

And you’ll also see your Basics hard drive on the screen as a backup drive.

When You’re Finished Setting Up Your Basics On Mac

And each time you’ve finished using your drive don’t just pull it’s USB cable out of your Mac.

Eject your Basics drive first.

You do that by right clicking on the Basics drive icon. And picking Eject from the list.

Toshiba Right Click Eject

That way your Mac writes everything in memory down to your drive.

And once your drive icon goes from the screen. Just wait a few moments more for your Basics LED to stop flashing. And then you’re free to unplug it’s USB cable and put your drive away.

Why Do You Need To Setup The Toshiba Canvio Basics For Mac?

Your Basics Toshiba external hard drive is in a NTFS format when delivered from Toshiba.

NTFS means New Technology File System. And this file system was developed BY Microsoft for Microsoft Windows.

A file system is how your Mac computer or a Windows PC understands what is on your drive. How the drive is laid out and how to access the files on the drive. How to read them. How to write files on the drive. Along with what type of files they are.

Because of a licensing agreement between Apple and Microsoft. Your Mac operating system is able to understand when an NTFS external hard drive is plugged in.

Your Mac can see the files on there. Read the files and copy them onto its own internal drives.

But that’s as far as the licensing goes.

Your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or any Mac can’t write to your NTFS Basics Toshiba drive. Or any NTFS external hard drive.

And that means you can’t put new files on your Toshiba hard disk drive. Or directly work on any file on the hard drive. Or update files.

You have 2 options. Put NTFS driver software on your Mac to allow you to write to your Basics external drive. Or set it up for Mac by formatting it to a native Mac file system format.

How To Check If Your Basics External Storage Is In NTFS On Mac?

Plug in your Basics external drive. Right click on your drive’s icon.

Then choose ‘Get Info’ from the menu.

Toshiba Basics NTFS File Info

If you see NTFS for the drive’s format. Then it’s confirmed. It’s an NTFS drive.

In Closing

Did you enjoyed this article on how to setup your Toshiba Canvio Basics on your Mac?

This information should have you excited about getting your new Basics drive up and running on your Mac.

Thank you for reading and while you’re here. Why not check out our other Canvio and Toshiba related articles?

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