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Are you looking to upgrade your MacBook Pro or Air? Are you on a limited budget? And the Mac you’re looking to buy only has 1 or 2 USB C ports. Now you’re wondering … How am I going to get all my gadgets hooked up to my Mac?

You may find the Satechi Aluminum Multi-port Adaptor V2 is just what you need.

Find out more in this Satechi Aluminum multi-port Adaptor V2 review.

Satechi Aluminum Multi-Port Adaptor V2 Key At A Glance

You’ve 3 USB type A ports for all your gear.

You can attach a screen using the USB C hub’s HDMI port.

Got photos and videos on SD cards? Use the SD and micro SD slots.

And for direct connect to the web you’ve a 1 Gbit Ethernet slot.

And do all that while charging your Mac using your Satechi hub’s pass through USB C slot.

Satechi Multi Port Adaptor V2 Review Verdict

It’s the gadget you’ll need for your Mac with limited USB C slots. The Satechi Multi port Adaptor V2 lets you use all the key bits of kit you love.

When you need to connect your phone to do a backup. Or bring in photos or videos on SD cards from your DSLR camera.

Or backup all your photos, and files to your external USB drive with a USB A plug. Small and light enough to carry around with you.

Get the Satechi multi-port USB C hub plug it in and get yourself the extra ports you need on your Mac. And its a cheaper option than buying the next MacBook model up.

Satechi Multi Port Adaptor V2 Pros – Why You’ll Want It

  • You’ll find few USB-C hubs that have so many extra ports. Yet is small enough to carry about with your MacBook Pro
  • Its ports are nicely spaced apart. And this means you can get your fingers onto the plug you want. And not pull the one you don’t want out
  • This Satechi V2 USB C hub works reliably, without getting too hot. It gets no hotter than a normal laptop charger when you use it
  • Uses up a single USB C port on your Mac. But you can still power your Mac using its pass through charging

Satechi Multi Port Adaptor V2 Cons – Why You Might Pass By

  • There are few draw backs
  • You’ll find that the USB C pass through charging port is only for charging your MacBook. You can’t use it to sync your iPhone, iPad. Or for a USB C video display

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Recommended Satechi Aluminum Multiport Adaptor V2

Satechi Aluminum Multi Port Adaptor V2

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YouTube Unboxing Video of the Satechi Aluminum Multiport Adaptor V2

Curious to take a quick peak at what’s in the box when your Satechi arrives?

Watch this 2 minute 7 second video and all is revealed.

Satechi Aluminum USB-C Multiport Adaptor V2 Unboxing

Video Credit: MacTakeAwayData

For those looking for an Amazon alternative. For our UK site visitors you can buy the Satechi Aluminum Multiport Adaptor V2 from Jigsaw24 by clicking on this link here.

Or from direct from Satechi’s site by clicking here.

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What Is A Satechi Multi-Port Adaptor? And Why Might You Want One?

Unless you can afford to buy a MacBook with lots of USB C ports. You’ll be wondering how you can fit on all the stuff you normally connect to your Mac.

Or you already have a MacBook Air or Pro. And discovered you have way more stuff to connect to it than you can physically plug into your Mac.

That’s where a USB C hub comes in.

You plug it into your MacBook and straight away you’ve more ports you can plug your stuff into.

And you can be a lot more flexible on how you can use your Mac.

A Satechi Multi-port Adaptor V2 Review for You and Your Mac

Which Apple Macs will the Satechi Aluminum Multi-port Adaptor V2 work on?

If you’ve a 2016 MacBook Pro or newer you can use this USB C hub. And this includes the 2020 MacBook Pro.

If you’ve got a 2018 or 2020 MacBook Air your fine using this USB C hub.

Got a 2018 or 2020 iPad Pro? You’re good to go too.

This USB C hub also supports the 2017 and 2019 iMac and iMac Pro. Along with the 2015 through to the 2017 MacBook.

Satechi USB C V2 Hub Review Benefits For Your Mac

When you plug in your Satechi Multi-port V2 into a USB-C slot on your Mac, right away you’ve;

Along One Side You’ve 3 x USB 3.0 Ports Type A ports

Satechi USB A Abd HDMI Ports
Satechi USB A Abd HDMI Ports

And a single HDMI port.

Each of the USB Type A ports can operate at up to 5 Gbps. What does this mean?

It means you’ll get excellent performance when you plug in your external USB 3.0 drive to any of these slots.

You can also plug in USB sticks and thumb drives.

And when you’ve a Mac with 1 or 2 USB C ports on it. It’s a boon to be able to expand it by 3 more USB A ports. And support all your existing devices.

So you can connect keyboards, mice, USB drives, USB headphones. In fact any USB device.

If your gadget has a USB type A cable on it you can plug it in and use it on your Mac.

The USB ports allow you to move your files between external devices that you plug into the Satechi hub.

1 x HDMI Port

You get a single 4k HDMI port that operates at 30 Hz. It is a pity that the port doesn’t support 60 hz. But then Satechi have packed in an awful lot into this USB C hub.

Satachi also says that you’ll need to use a HDMI to HDMI 2.0 cable.

On The Other Side 2 SD Slots

Satechi SD Slots
Satechi SD Slots

You can use your Satechi multi-port adaptor V2 SD ports to bring in your videos and images off your camera. And onto your Mac.

One slot is a micro SD slot. Plugging in your micro SD card will give you a reassuring click as you click it in.

Use a lot of SD cards for photo or video editing? You’ll want to know that the card reader slot is UHS-I speed.

It’s compatible with UHS-II just not as fast.

On The End Of Your Satachi USB C Hub

You’ve your Ethernet port and a USB C charging pass through port.

Satechi Pass Though And Ethernet Ports
Satechi Pass Though And Ethernet Ports

Your Satechi multi-port v2’s Ethernet port supports 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps and 1 Gigabit Ethernet (1000 mbps).

And what speed you get depends on your network, and the traffic you have on that network.

It’s a super useful option to have when there’s weak Wi-FI but there’s Ethernet to plug into.

Because you’re too far away from the hub broadcasting the Wi-Fi. Or because the walls of the building you’re in blocks Wi-Fi

Your Satechi USB C Hub’s Pass Though Charging

Again super useful when you’ve limited slots on your MacBook and lots of gadgets to plug in.

Pass through charging means … that even though your Satechi multi-port adaptor takes up a USB C port on your Mac. You can plug your Mac’s charger into the USB C slot and keep your Mac charged while you’re using all your gear.

But you won’t be able to charge up your Mac as fast as if you’d plugged your charging cable straight in. The USB C pass through slot charges at 60 watts. Lower than your Mac’s normal charger. But it will keep you in business while you get on with your work.

Do You Need a Power Plug For You Satechi V2 Mult-port?

No, your Mac powers your Satechi multi-port adaptor.

Satechi Multi Port Adaptor V2’s Looks Review

Smooth and classy it looks good with your MacBook.  It feels nice to the touch, beautifully curved over the top and no sharp edges to catch your fingers on.

You’ll find all the ports are nicely spaced out so that you can get your fingers in and pull out. Or plug in the gadget you want without accidentally disturbing something else.

It’s a good look piece of kit that screams quality and feels rugged enough to stand up to you using it regularly.

You’ll find it comes in space grey, silver, and gold. Plenty of choices to keep you happily matching.

Satechi USB C Hub V2 Size and Weight

Convenient to carry around with you its dimensions are 4.13 x .63 x 2 inches and it weighs 2.52 ounces.

User Feedback on Your Satechi Multi-Port Adaptor V2

You can feel assured because your Satechi Aluminum Multi Port Adaptor has over 1,200 customer reviews on Amazon.

And most of those rate it as Excellent to Very Good.

But take a look yourself.

Click on this link to go through to the Amazon Satechi sales page. You then can scroll down to bottom of the page where you’ll find the reviews.

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Use the radio buttons to select the latest reviews.

Satechi V2 Multi-Port Adaptor Quick Start Guide

You can take a look at the Quick Start Guide here.

The guide is pretty basic but then the Satechi Multi-port Adaptor Vs is easy and straight forward to use.

Be aware that Satechi has put this guide up onto Dropbox. Dropbox prompts you to create an account. But you don’t have to do that. You can simply download the guide.

Satechi Multi-Port Adaptor V2 Support Page

You can find the link to the Satechi support page here.

On it you’ll find general questions and answers you may find useful.

What’s The Difference Between The V1 And The Satechi V2 Adaptor?

Bought yourself the Satechi multi-port V1? And now fancy an upgrade to the V2? You may be wondering what’s new?

You’ll find in Satechi’s V2 USB C hub an updated outer casing.

And you’ll like the increased power throughput.  On the V1 you had 49 watts available to keep your Mac charged. Now on the V2 you’ve 60 watts.

Not the full 87 watts you get from directly plugging your outlet cable into your MacBook. But enough to keep your Mac charged while you use your Satechi hub with all your gadgets.

Oh and let’s not forget a better click in when you put you micro SD into the micro SD card slot on the V2.

What Is The Difference Between the Satechi V2 and The One You Can Buy From Apple?

The one on Apple’s site is an Apple exclusive product made just for Apple.

You’ll find Apple’s Satechi Aluminum USB C Multiport Pro Adaptor has less connections for your gear.

You’ll get the SD card reader slots and a HDMI slot. But just a single USB A port. Plus the pass through port that you can use to charge your MacBook with.

This makes the Apple adaptor focused on allowing you to connect an extra screen. And bring in files from your SD cards.

You’ll get way more when you buy the Satechi Aluminum Multi-port Adaptor v2.

Your Satechi Aluminum Multi-Port Adaptor V2’s Warranty

You’ll find that you’ll get 1 year’s manufacturer’s warranty from Satechi. Which is very reasonable for this kind of kit.

Things to Note About your Satechi aluminum Multi-Port Adaptor V2

You can’t daisy chain your Satechi V2 adaptor with another adaptor. It’s not supported.

The Satechi USB C Adaptor V2 does not support the Apple USB Superdrive.

The USB C pass through port does charging only. It does not support the transfer of your files or documents.

Last Words On the Satachi USB C V2 Review

When you’re out of ports on your MacBook. Buy the Satechi Aluminum Multi-port Adaptor V2 and plug all your gadgets in. You’ll find it’s a cheaper option than buying the next MacBook model up.

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