Samsung T7 Time Machine Title Image

At last you’ve got your Samsung T7 in your eager hands.

You’ve raved to your friends about how smooth it feels to the touch. And how tiny it is.

All that storage in such a cool package.

Now it’s time to get serious and get your latest Mac accessory hooked up to your Mac and get a Time Machine backup done.

In this quick guide with pictures you can find out how it’s done.

Set Up Your Samsung T7 For Time Machine First

You’ll quickly notice that your Samsung SSD T7 comes ExFAT formatted. And yes that means you can plug in and your Mac can use it right away.

But, it’s not the format that Time Machine needs for a backup. That’s HFS+.

Does Samsung T7 Work With Time Machine?


And in super quick time you can reformat it to HFS+ (Mac OS Extended (Journaled)). And then your T7 SSD is perfect to connect up to Time Machine.

Bounce over to this article on the site to see the 7 steps to formatting your T7 like a pro.

Get your Samsung T7 formatted to HFS+. Then head right back and read on.

How Do You Set Up Time Machine To Use Your Samsung T7?

It’s ridiculously easy.

And once you’ve set Time Machine up.

Each time you plug in your Samsung T7, Time Machine will see it’s hooked up.

Connect up your Mac to power. And Time Machine will kick off a backup to your T7.

Setup Step 1 – Log in and Plug in

If you haven’t already. Plug your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or iMac into a power outlet. And log into your desktop.

Plug your Samsung T7 into your Mac.

In the box with your Samsung SSD T7 you’ll find two USB cables. A USB C to USB C cable. And a USB C to USB A cable.

And depending your generation of Mac, pick the cable with the plug on it your Mac needs.

After a few moments you’ll see your Samsung T7 on the desktop.

Drive Icon Samsung T7

Setup Step 2 – Start The Set Up Of Your Samsung T7 in Time Machine

You set up Time Machine through System Preferences.

Simply Click on the Application Folder.

You can do this either on your Macs dock.

Or in a Finder Window by clicking on the Application Folder.

Application Folder System Preferences
Application Folder System Preferences

Then double click on System Preferences.

Setup Step 3 – Start Time Machine In Your System Preferences

Inside System preferences you’ll see the icon for Time Machine.  You click on this.

Setup Step 4 – Start Your Time Machine SSD T7 Set Up

You’ll next see the 1st set up pop up window of Time Machine.

Samsung T7 !st Time Machine Window
Samsung T7 !st Time Machine Window

The red arrows in the picture above will show you the important points for now of that window.

Check the box at the bottom of your popup window to show Time Machine in the menu bar at the top of your Mac’s desktop.

You’ll thank me later for doing this.

Then. Check the box to backup automatically.

This means that whenever your Samsung T7 is plugged into your Mac your Mac will go ahead and start a backup.

That way you won’t have to kick off a backup yourself.

And now you’re ready to click the button ‘Select Backup Disk …’.

Setup Step 5 – Pick your Samsung T7 To Use With Time Machine

The next pop up screen will have your Samsung T7 SSD in the list.

Samsung T7 Time Machine Choose Drive
Samsung T7 Time Machine Choose Drive

Click your T7.

Then decide if you’d like your Mac to Encypt your backups.  If you’d like this then put a check in the box.

Time Machine will ask you to set a password for your Samsung SSD T7.

You’ll need this password to get to your backups and access the drive to do a backup.

Watch you keep this password safe.  If you lose it you’ll lose access to your backups and you’ll be crying.

Then click on the ‘Use Disk’ button.

Congratulations. You’re done.

Your Samsung T7 is now hooked up to Time Machine.

Samsung T7 External Drive Picked
Samsung T7 External Drive Picked

Your now taken back a screen. And the Time Machine screen is updated.

You can see here that your Samsung T7 is picked at the back drive for Time Machine.

And from now on Time Machine will use your T7 to backup your Mac.

Manually Starting Your Time Machine Backup To Your Samsung T7

You can wait until your Mac is ready to kick off your backup.


If you’re impatient like me you can tell your Mac to kick one off right away.

First dismiss your Time Machine popup window.

And look up at the top of your Mac’s desktop. You’ll see there the Time Machine backup symbol.

It was put there by the check box you ticked earlier.

Time Machine At Top of Desktop
Time Machine At Top of Desktop

Click on it.

Feel free to Click on it at any time. It’ll tell you the last time a backup was done and it allows you to kick off a backup right away.

Samsung T7 Time Machine Backup Now
Samsung T7 Time Machine Backup Now

Click Backup Up Now from the list of options. And Time Machine will start preparing your Mac for a backup right now.

Your Mac may take a while preparing your Time Machine backup. It depends on how much you have to backup.

But once your backup kicks off. The USB 3.2 Gen 2, 1000+ MB/s speed of your Samsung T7 will leave you jaw droppingly impressed.

You can check how your T7’s doing on your backup at any time. By clicking on the Time Machine symbol at the top of your desktop.

Samsung T7 Check Progress Of Time Machine Backup
Samsung T7 Check Progress Of Time Machine Backup

And you can check how many GB’s are left to backup.

And you also check right there to confirm your backup is finished.

Samsung T7 Time Machine Backup Complete
Samsung T7 Time Machine Backup Complete

And before you’re done with your Samsung T7 SSD Eject.

Be sure to Eject your Samsung T7 before you pull out your USB cable.

How Do You Eject Your T7 From Your Mac?


Drive Icon Samsung T7

Right clicking on your Samsung T7’s drive icon on your desktop.

Samsung T7 Eject Drive
Samsung T7 Eject Drive

And from the menu pick Eject.

The arrow in the picture above shows you where.

Then wait till the LED activity light stops flashing. And the T7 SSD drive icon disappears from your desktop.

Now you can plug out.

Remember to do this each and every time.  Or you risk corrupting your backup.

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