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Catapulted into the market in 2014 as a joint product between Seagate and LaCie. The LaCie Fuel Wireless external hard drive has now reached its end of life.

You can check its end of life status here.

But you may still be able to grab one while its still in stock. Because there are few decent Wi-Fi enabled drives around.

And if you’ve inherited one. Or you’re looking to source one on the second user market you’ll find this LaCie Fuel Review a handy read.

But now you know its end of life and perhaps think an alternative would be better. Then take a look at this document on the site.

There you’ll find the current best wireless hard drives.

LaCie Fuel On The Go

Vital Statics of the LaCie Fuel Wireless

Wi-Fi Drive Sizes: 1TB, 2TB

Max Devices You Can Serve: 5

Drive Format: ExFAT

Drive Type: USB 3.0

Overall Size: 4.5 x 4.5 x 0.9 in

Weight: 9.7 oz.

Pros of the LaCie Wireless

  • Your LaCie Fuel is Airplay compatible and you’ll get a DNLA server. So if you’ve a Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast or Roku box you can use those with your LaCie Fuel
  • You’ve support for downloading your files from Dropbox or Google Drive so you can take them with you
  • You can store your photos and videos on your LaCie Fuel and play from it to your iPad or iPhone. Or back up your photos and videos to the LaCie Fuel using the Seagate Media App

Cons of the LaCie Wireless

  • You’ll find no support for streaming DRM protected iTunes bought movies. Apple only allows Apple products that privilege
  • If you’re looking for a Time Capsule replacement. A wireless drive to use for Wi-Fi Time Machine backups. You’ll be out of luck
  • You’ll find you’ve 802.11 b/g/n support only. The slower Wi-Fi standards. Though it’ll be perfect for your 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi supporting older Apple gadgets

Summing up the LaCie Wireless

You get a portable Wi-Fi supporting drive. The LaCie Fuel’s aim is storing and streaming those files you use to amuse yourself. Movies, photos and your music.

Released to the market in 2014. The LaCie Fuel was the first product collaboration between Seagate and LaCie. This followed Seagate buying the LaCie Company.

The Fuel Wireless was a very similar product to the Seagate Wireless – link to review doc.

And inside they use the same hard drive. But outside they look very different.

You’ll like the orange/gun metal grey look and the hole that gives it that go anywhere rugged look.

You’ll adore it if snazzy is your thing.

LaCie Fuel Wireless YouTube Video

Take a look at this 1 minute 31 second YouTube Video. You’ll find it a great introduction to what this wireless external hard drive is all about.

Meet LaCie Fuel : Portable Wireless Storage

Video Credit LaCie

LaCie Fuel Wireless on Mac Review

Going Wireless On Your LaCie Fuel

Your LaCie Fuel Wireless creates its own Wi-Fi network. And this means that you don’t have to connect to the Internet to use your LaCie Fuel.

You can share your LaCie Fuel with up to 5 gadgets. You’ll need the Seagate Media App installed on your gadgets to stream and view your files.

You’ve a Wi-Fi range of 150 feet which is plenty for most situations.

Although you can support 5 devices it’s worth understanding how that works in reality.

When you’re streaming HD movies you can stream to 3 devices at the same time.

1080i or p videos use a lot of bandwidth. And with the slower Wi-Fi on the LaCie Fuel they may not play at all.

When you connect to a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot. You can give Internet access to 4 of your gadgets.

Bear in mind that you can only serve and play the content that your gadget supports.

What does that mean?

If your gadget can’t play or view the file with its own software you’ll be disappointed.

The Wi-Fi On the LaCie Fuel

Your LaCie Fuel supports 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n standards of Wi-Fi.

It’s a slower Wi-Fi than 802.11ac that your latest Mac, iPad and iPhones support.

Your LaCie Fuel goes into standby mode and turns off its Wi-Fi when you don’t use it for five minutes. It’ll wakes up again as soon as you go to use it.

When your LaCie fuel is charging its Wi-Fi is automatically turned off and there is no way round this.

Plus LaCie recommends the Fuel is turned off while it’s charging.

Annoying when your watching a movie yet running out of charge. And want to keep your LaCie Fuel plugged in so you can keep watching.

It’s no go.

You may feel that this is short coming.

LaCie Fuel Wireless

LaCie Fuel Wireless Plugging Into Your Mac

Your LaCie Fuel Wireless is a USB 3.0 external hard drive.

You’ve a USB 3.0 port that can transfer your files at a headline speed of 5GB/s. You’ve a Micro B type connection at one end and a Type A USB connection at the other end. Your LaCie drive is compatible with USB 2.0 for your older Macs out there, so you can plug straight in.

On a new Mac with USB C ports you’ll need a Type A to USB C adaptor cable so you can plug right in.

But its a wireless drive, why would I plug in you ask.

Because plugging directly into your Mac. Or PC is the best way to upload lots of photos and videos from your Mac to your LaCie. As Wi-Fi would be too slow.

When you plug into your Mac, your LaCie Fuel acts just like a normal hard drive. And this drive has pretty decent performance. So you’ll be pleased.

But you’ll find its Wi-Fi disabled.

You can’t directly plug in to your Mac and use Wi-Fi at the same time.

If you would like to find out more about the different USB connections to Mac. Then have a look at my article ‘Connect An External Hard Drive To Mac, 12 Things To Know

Using Your LaCie Fuel From Your iPad or iPhone

You’ll need the Seagate Media App on an your iPad and iPhone.

It’s the software that lets you view, upload. And download your content to and from the LaCie Fuel.

Seagate Media App
Seagate Media App

How Do You Set Up Your LaCie Fuel Wireless?

You set up your LaCie Fuel using your Mac.

Your LaCie Fuel Wireless needs a Wifi enabled device with a web browser for you to configure it.

Setting up takes a bit of time. It’s best to work through the manual to set up your LaCie Fuel just right.

And don’t forget to add a password to protect your uploaded files when you’re on public Wi-Fi.

Here’s a link so that you can download the manual ahead of time.

The user manual you need to set your LaCie Fuel is on the drive itself.

And this makes it difficult to get to before you’ve your drive up and running.

You’ll find the Quick Start Guide that comes in the box brief.

And you’ll be needing the manual.

Battery Life On Your LaCie Fuel

You’ll need to charge your LaCie Fuel ahead of setting up and configuring it.

Charging takes about four hours.

After that you’ve a theatrical 10 hours of battery life.

But if you’ve several users streaming at the same time. You’ll find that battery time reduced dramatically.

Hard Drive Format Of the LaCie Fuel Wireless

You’ll find your LaCie Fuel formatted out of the box as ExFAT.

ExFAT means that when you plug into your Mac to upload your files your Mac can read and write to the LaCie.

Both Mac and Windows PCs can read and write ExFAT.

So you wont need a driver software.

But an ExFAT format can’t be used by Time Machine.

So this means you can’t use your LaCie Fuel as a Time Machine backup target.

What You’ll Find In Your LaCie Fuel Wireless Box

  • LaCie Fuel Mobile Wireless external hard drive
  • USB 3.0 cable
  • Power Adaptor
  • Quick Install Guide

LaCie Fuel Reliability and User Views

You’ll find the user reviews a little patchy. Some love the drive. Some definitely don’t.

And you’ll find it depends on what they planned to use the drive for.

You can check them yourself by visiting the sales page on Amazon.

Scroll down to the reviews and choose to view all the most recent reviews.

(Commissions Earned Through Amazon Button Link)

I think as long as you understand what the LaCie Fuel is capable of. And read the manual carefully. Download the latest firmware for the Fuel. Then you’ll have a decent product.

LaCie Fuel Warranty

You’ve 2 years Limited Warranty on your LaCie Fuel Wireless.

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