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Maybe you installed WD Discovery on your Mac just to try it out. Or even to register your WD Passport, WD Elements. Or other Western Digital external hard drive.

Perhaps you didn’t even realize you installed it from your WD external hard drive.

But there it is.

And you now want rid.

You’re searching the web looking for the answer to. How to get rid of WD Discovery on a Mac.

Read on to find out how to trash it and get if off your Mac.

Can I Delete WD Discovery For Mac?

Yes you can. You delete the Mac OS installation package contents. Plus the library files associated with the WD Discovery software on your Mac. Then a shutdown and restart of your Mac will clear the last fragments of the software in your Mac’s cpu and memory.

But understand that you need WD Discovery. For some pieces of the Western Digital Technologies software to work.

WD Drive Utilities and WD Security need WD Discovery. Plus WD Backup (which is now replaced with Acronis True Image for Western Digital). And WD Smartware program needs WD Discovery to work.

How To Uninstall WD Discovery On Mac With Uninstaller

Some versions of the WD Discovery software come with an uninstaller. And that will get you some of the way to removing the WD app software but not completely.

There are a couple of other things you need to do to tidy up your Mac. After using Western Digital’s uninstaller. To make sure WD Discovery is completely gone.

1. Open a Finder Window and Navigate To Your Applications folder.

When you click to open up a finder window. Click on Applications in the sidebar of the window. This will take you to your Applications Folder.

Go To Applications Folder

2. Scroll Down. Then click the WD Discovery Folder.

Click on the folder to open it up.

Then click on the folder More WD Apps.

Inside there you’ll find an Uninstallers folder. Click to open that folder.

If your version of WD software doesn’t come with an uninstaller. Then you can skip down to find an alternative way to remove WD Discovery from Mac.

When you have the uninstaller then.

3. Click Uninstall WD Discovery.

This starts up the uninstall WD Discovery program on your Mac. Next you click on the Uninstall button.

WD Discovery Uninstall Button

4. Enter Your Mac’s Administration Password.

Your Mac will ask you to confirm the change to your Mac computer.

Type in your Mac user administration password to confirm.

Your Mac will then run the uninstaller program. And you should see the Uninstall Successful message at the end.

5. Then Delete The Discovery Folders And Library Files.

The uninstaller has done part of the job but not all. Your Mac will still have files that need tidying up before WD Discovery is completely gone.

Scroll down now to the heading.  – How To Uninstall WD Discovery Mac Library Files And Other Misc in this article.

How Do I Get WD Discovery Off Mac Without The Uninstaller

This is an effective way of removing most unwanted applications from a Mac.

1. Open a Finder Windows. Move To Your Applications Folder.

Go To Applications Folder

2. Find WD Discovery in Your Applications Folder.

Right click on WD Discovery in your Application folder. Then click, show package contents from the menu that comes up.

Show Package Contents

3. Right Click On Package Contents And Move To Bin.

Move Package Contents To Bin

4. Move the WD Discovery Folder In Your Applications Folder To Bin.

Go up a folder level to your Applications Folder. Then move the WD Discovery folder itself to the bin.

5. Now Tidy Up The Library Files.

You’ll now want to check everything. Including the WD Discovery software library files are removed from your Mac. So, read onto the next section of this article to clean everything up.

How To Uninstall WD Discovery Mac Library Files And Other Misc

You might search your Mac’s file system and not find all the files or folders listed below. If you can’t don’t worry.

Just clean out the WD software files you can find. Do that before you reboot your Mac.

Open a Finder window.

1. Click on your Home Folder.

You’ll find it in your Finder window sidebar. It’s there with a little house icon by your Mac user name.

If you can’t see your home folder. Then check your finder preferences. Sidebar options and put a check in the box to show your home folder in a Finder window.

Finder Preferences Home

2. Check in your home folder if you have a file called .wdc.

If you have delete it.

3. Then click to open the Library folder inside your home folder.

Home Folder Application Library Folder

Then search your file system for these folders:

Application Support. Delete WD Discovery inside this folder.

Containers. Delete com.wdc.WDDesktop.WDDesktopFinderSync.  Then delete WDDiscoveryService.Main

4. Next Search Your Mac’s Internal Drive.

Look in your Finder window’s sidebar. Under Locations. Click on your Mac’s internal drive.

Macintosh HD Applications And Library

5. Click first on the Applications folder. Delete WD Discovery in there.

Then go back up a level to your Macintosh HD.

6. Click on the Library folder.

Find the Application Support folder inside your Library folder. And delete the WD Discovery folder inside Application Support.

Then search for WDDesktop inside Application Support. Delete that folder.

Then go back up a level to your Macintosh HD.

7. Find a folder called LaunchAgents.

Search that folder for anything that starts with ‘com.wdc‘ and delete those.

8. Shutdown and Reboot your Mac.

This is very important.

As this resets your Mac and clears out anything remaining from WD Discovery in your Mac’s memory.

In Closing

And now you know the answer to the question. How do I uninstall WD Discovery on Mac?

And if you found that WD Discovery won’t uninstall from your Mac. You now know how to solve that too.

And anyway, you don’t need WD Discovery to manage any WD drive. Not when you have your Mac OS x software. Disk Utility to format or check on your drive health. And Time Machine to do your backups to your external drive.

While you’re visiting. Why not check out the other Western Digital related articles we have on the site?

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