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You find in this article 3 great Christmas holiday gift ideas.

You’ll have something for the iPhone user who just adores taking photos or videos.

And when they’re a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air or iMac user.

And you’re looking for something a little unusual. Something they’d love. And something you’d love to get them.

Then you should take a look at this line up.

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1.  Samsung T5 Portable SSD

9 Out of 10 Stars

Why would your iPhone and Mac User want one?

Are they out of space on their MacBook?

Does your loved one have important files on their Mac and on their iPhone. And the only copy of those documents, photos and videos are on their Mac?

Then this Samsung T5 may just be the answer.

Tell your honey to use the T5 to free up space on their MacBook.

Or they can use it to do a fast backup. And keep a safe copy of those important documents. And the fond times represented by all those photos and videos.

The Samsung T5 is a solid state drive and works lightening fast.

What is a Solid State Drive (SSD)?

These drives work electronically and have no moving parts inside.

This makes them fast and more sturdy.

And for your Mac user that adores small and attractive gadgets.

They’ll find the Samsung T5 is compact.  And just a little thicker than their credit card.

Samsung T5 Connected

You can buy them the storage size your pocket allows. Because the T5 comes in 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB sizes.

And in a good looking yet practical Aluminum case.

Samsung T5 Blue and Black

You’ll find two other colors. Red and Gold for your loved one who likes bright colors. And a little zing to their gadget.

With the Samsung T5 drive you get 2 USB cables. One that plugs into the newest Macs.

And one for those older MacBooks.

So it won’t matter to you whether your loved one has a newer or older Mac they can connect up and use this drive.

So for that iPhone user that has that a huge photo library.

Or even for those who are photo editing on the go.

You’ll have bought them really great gift.

YouTube Video of the Samsung T5

In this video see the Samsung T5 for yourself. And judge whether you’d like to give one as a gift.

Introducing the Samsung Portable SSD T5

Video Credit: Samsung

When you’re thinking about giving the T5 as a gift, why not get a protective case.

One that’ll protect this pretty drive?

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Xanad hard case for Samsung T5 semi-waterproof

ProCase Carrying Case for Samsung T5, shockproof, water resistant

2. Satechi Aluminum Multi Port Adaptor and Hub

9 Out of 10 Stars

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Why would your Mac User want one?

The latest MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs and iMacs have limited ports.

And when your loved one has lot of devices they use on their Mac.

At some point they’ll find their Mac just hasn’t got enough holes to plug them all into.

It’s so frustrating. So what do you do?

You can get them a USB adaptor and hub.

And you’ll find that the Satechi Multi port Adaptor V2 is the best out there.

With your gift they can plug in and use for all their gadgets.

Plug in their 4K wide screen.

Connect up their USB 3.0 external drives. You’ve 3 USB 3.0 ports on here.

Satechi HDMI and USB Ports

And when they need to directly plug into the Internet. They’ve a Gigabit Ethernet port on the Satechi. So they can plug right in.

And when they need to charge up their USB C iPhone? No issue.

Satechi Ethernet and SD Ports

You’ve a USB C power connection for pass through charging.

And they can keep charging while they’ve got all that other stuff plugged in.

Does your honey need to download photos or videos from their camera.

They’ll find a SD and a Micro SD card reader slot.  Just plug in those cards and they can import away.

They’ll find that the Satechi you bought them is plug and play. And this means they’ll have no software to install or to download onto their Mac. Just plug in and use.

Satechi On Desk

They’ll find it light and easy to carry around with them. They can put it into their backpack or purse along with their MacBook.

The ports are spaced out.

This makes it easy to plug everything in. And without finding out this plug clashes with that plug so they can’t get them all in.

You’ll find the Satachi just works. And without getting overheated like other hubs out there.

Satechi All the Colors

And you can buy the Satechi Multi Port Adaptor in different colors. Silver, Space Grey or Gold you can choose the color you’d love the most for your gift.

You’ll find the Satechi supports the following Apple Macs.

  • 2019/2018/2017  MacBook Pros
  • 2018 MacBook Air
  • 2015/2016/2017 MacBook
  • 2018 iPad Pro

YouTube Video of the Satechi Multi Port Adaptor

Take a look for yourself at the Satechi USB Hub. You can watch this 1 minute 1 second YouTube video.

Satechi Aluminum Multi-port Adaptor 4k HDMI

Video Credit: Satechi

3. Apple Trackpad 2

9 Out of 10 Stars

(Commissions Earned Through Image Link and Amazon Button Link)

Why would your Mac User want one?

When they complain that they spend all day on their Mac and their fingers need a rest.

When even using a mouse makes their hands ache. And you’d like to find them an alternative. And fast.

When they finish their day on their Mac and they rub their wrist. Because using a mouse makes their wrist sore.

Or when they need to raise the working position of their MacBook.

Because they need to improve their working posture.  And now they need a separate keyboard and trackpad

When you buy them an Apple Trackpad they’ll love your solution.

Because they can set up a light touch. So that their click fingers need only lightest of touches.

And it not only relieves their fingers it’ll help their wrists too.

You’ll find the Apple Trackpad is rechargeable. 

They charge it up and should get several weeks of use off a single charge.

They can connect it to their Mac using Bluetooth. Or using the lightning to USB cable that comes with it.

It’ll make a great gift. And an unusual one.

You’ll find the Apple Trackpad 2 supports many Apple Macs including.

  • 2019/2018/2017/2016  MacBook Pros
  • 2018/2017/2016/2015 MacBook Air
  • 2015/2016/2017 MacBook
  • 2019/2018/2017  iMac

YouTube Video of the Satechi Multi Port Adaptor

Curious to see the Trackpad in use? Then you can watch is 2 minutes 13 second YouTube video.

How to Use Multi Touch Gestures on Your Trackpad

Video Credit: Apple Support

Wrapping up the holiday Gifts for the iPhone and Mac User

You’ve here 3 gift ideas for that crazy iPhone and Mac user.

Buy one, or two or all three.

They’ll love you for each present.

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