Holiday Gifts for the iPhone and Mac User – Not the Usual

By Simon Irons / September 22, 2018
Holiday Gifts For The Iphone And Mac User

I have 3 great Christmas holiday gift ideas for the iPhone user who just adores taking photos or videos. They have a Macbook, Pro or Air and need a place to store all those holiday snapshots.

Let me take you through them.

1.  LaCie's USB-C Porsche Mobile External Drive

​LaCie USB-C Porsche Design Hard Drive
LaCie Porsche Holiday Gift

These LaCie drives, designed by the Porsche design studio are beautiful yet functional.

Available in 1TB, 2TB, 4TB and 5TB capacity sizes, plenty of choices for even the most avid selfie taker.

Your loved one can plug this drive into their Mac and transfer all those iPhone pictures over.​

Get another one of these to backup those photos​.

The tooled and beveled Aluminum case comes in three colors, silver, gold and rose gold to match their Mac.

LaCie Porsche USB C port

LaCie Porsche USB C port

​With a USB-C port on the drive itself, ideal for Macbook, Macbook Pros or Airs with USB-C only ports yet if your loved one has an older Mac then the hard drive is sold with a second cable to allow the drive to connect to a Mac with type A USB 3.0 ports.

The LaCie Porsche is Perfectly Sized

LaCie Size Comparison

​The 1TB and 2TB are 0.4 inches in depth the 4TB and 5TB goes up to 0.8 of an inch in depth.

LaCie Porsche On Table

​3.3 of an inch by 5 inches, width and length across all the models. The weight runs from just under 7 oz for the 1TB and 2TB versions up to a shade over 11 oz for the 4TB and 5TB capacities.

Perfectly sized to be convenient.

The LaCie Porsche will fit in a laptop bag or purse.

The drive comes with software called the Setup Assistant. This software guides you through setting up the hard drive on your Mac. A big plus for those who feel technically challenged.

When gifting why not also consider a protective case to protect this pretty drive?

The Lacdo EVA Shockproof carrying travel case is one I would recommend, as it is a little larger inside sufficient for the LaCie Porsche.

They can keep the LaCie Porsche in their computer bag at all times, to store those photos or videos that can't fit onto their Macbook's internal drive. That way they can simply carry them around on the LaCie and show off their photos from there.

YouTube Video of the LaCie Porsche Mobile External Hard Drive

Want to see what I am talking about? Why not take a look at this video of the beautiful LaCie.

LaCie Porsche Design Mobile and Desktop Drives

Video Credit: LaCie

2. Satechi Aluminum Multi Port USB Hub

​Satechi Aluminum Multi Port USB Hub
Satechi Holiday Gift
  • 4k HDMI (30hz) port, 3 x USB 3.0 ports
  • A Gigabit Ethernet port, and a USB-C input port allowing power pass through.
  •  SD and a Micro SD card reader slots

​What is a USB hub and why would anyone want one you may ask.

The latest Macbook, Macbook Pro and Air arrive with USB-C only ports. Those who have upgraded to the latest Macbooks will no doubt have a plethora of devices they used on their previous Mac.

If they have a lot of gadgets then their problem will be their Macbook just hasn't enough ports for them use.

They wont directly connect onto the new Mac so what is to be done?

A USB hub is the answer and the Satechi Multi port Adaptor V2 - is the latest version and one of the best out there allowing a wide range of gadgets to be connected.

Connecting into the Mac's USB-C the Satechi Multi Port Adaptor has one 4k HDMI (30hz only) port and 3 x USB 3.0 ports

Satechi HDMI and USB Ports

​Allowing the connection of a larger wider screen, and the USB ports allow all those existing type A USB gadgets to be connected up too.

And around the other sides of the hub.

Satechi Ethernet and SD Ports

​A Gigabit Ethernet port for network connection, and a USB-C input port allowing power pass through for charging. The advantage of pass through power means that you can keep charging while all those devices are connected.

Or connect your iPhone and import those photos and videos through the Satechi USB hub.

The Satechi also has a single SD and a Micro SD card reader slots for those who need to transfer their photos or videos from camera cards.

The Satechi is plug and play no separate software is required. Just plug in and use.

Satechi On Desk

​It is light, so easy to carry along with their Macbook.

The ports are spaced out well (unlike other comparable products) making it easy to plug multiple devices in without them physically clashing.

Works reliably without getting too hot, no hotter than a standard charger.

Satechi All the Colors

​The Satechi Multi Port Adaptor comes in silver, space grey and gold so choose the color you think they would like the most.

Support for 2016/2017/2018  Macbook Pros and

2015/2016/2017 Macbook

​YouTube Video of the Satechi Multi Port Adaptor

​Take a look for yourself at the Satechi USB Hub on the YouTube video below.

Satechi Aluminum Multi-port Adaptor 4k HDMI

Video Credit: Satechi

3. Samsung T5 Portable SSD

​S​amsung T5 SSD Drive
Samsung T5 Blue Holiday Gift

​Would you prefer to buy a drive that is higher end for your beloved iPhone owner?

Then the Samsung T5 may be just what you are looking for.

This attractive drive is very popular with Mac users. It is a solid state drive and is fast.

​What is a Solid State Drive (SSD) and why is it different?

Compared to a mechanical drive - described as hard drives these drives are electronic and have no moving parts inside. This makes them fast, very fast and more robust than mechanical drives where a shake or a fall can cause the drive to fail.

Samsung claims up to a six foot drop for this drive

The T5 drive comes in a neat credit card sized package - with just more depth at 3 inches by 2.3 inches by 0.4 inches.

Samsung T5 Connected

​Available capacities are 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB.

Blue for the 250 and 500GB drives and black for the 1TB and 2TB drives.

Samsung T5 Blue and Black

​Plenty of speedy options for those photos and videos.

With the drive you get a USB-C to USB-C cable to connect to the newest Mac.

And a USB-C to USB type A cable for those older Macbooks with USB 3.0 ports.

So it won't matter to you whether your loved one has a newer or older Mac they can connect up and use this drive. The Mac will just communicate with the drive at a speed the Mac can accommodate.

The faster speed is ideal for that iPhone user that needs to save large photo libraries and videos. With the 500GB sized drive on testing to be better for photos than the 250GB version.

You get double the capacity for a few dollars more.

​Or even those doing photo editing on the go, a really great gift for those who use their Macs on trains and buses where the constant vibrations could cause a mechanical drive to fail.


If you can afford to pay a bit more then this gift could be it.

Want a protective case for the Samsung T5? Then the Drive Logic DL Portable cases come in red, black blue and pink.

YouTube Video of the Samsung T5

See for yourself the Samsung T5 and judge whether you'd like to give one as a gift

Introducing the Samsung Portable SSD T5

Video Credit: Samsung

Wrapping up

I have given you three main gift ideas for that crazy iPhone photo taking Mac owner. Should you be interested in a budget priced drive or even a rugged, dust, water tested option take a look at my post 'Best external Hard Drive For Storing Photos When you have a Mac' it'll help you out

Looking for a drive for more general use?

Then check out my post 'Best External Hard Drive for Mac - Don't Risk It' for a wider view.

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