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You can connect your Mac to a Bluetooth enabled device like headphones, keyboards. A trackpad, mouse or a Bluetooth speaker.

In fact, when it comes to finding a Bluetooth accessory.

They are many and varied.

But what about your iPhone? You know. Connecting iPhone to Mac via Bluetooth.

Why would you, should you, and how to?

Read on to find out.

Connect iPhone To Mac Bluetooth

With Bluetooth enabled on both your iPhone and your Mac.

Tap Settings on your iPhone. Scroll down to Bluetooth and tap.

Then tap to toggle on Bluetooth. Your iPhone searches for any Bluetooth device nearby. Tap on your Mac when it appears in Other Devices to connect.

Your Mac gets a connection request from your iPhone. Confirm the request.

Your iPhone is now connected to your Mac and now you can file transfer. Or create a personal hotspot.

Connecting iPhone To Mac Bluetooth – What Bluetooth Offers?

So, why would you connect your iPhone to your Mac over Bluetooth?

Ever been in the situation where your WI FI connection has gone down. Or you’re working on your Mac in an area where the WIFI cover is just terrible.

You want to send iPhone files, like some photos to your Mac. But you don’t have a USB cable with you.

Well, Bluetooth can come to your rescue in just those situations.

Bluetooth technology uses short range radio waves and can connect to a nearby device. Within about 33 feet.

As long as your iPhone has a cellular data plan you can use.

Mac users can send photos, files, contact information. Anything on your iPhone to your Mac where a share icon or option comes up.

As well as your iPhone connecting to a Bluetooth headphone. Bluetooth speaker and different devices over Bluetooth. All at the same time.

You can also set up your iPhone as personal hotspot when your Mac has no access to the internet. But your iPhone does, using its cellular data. And that gives you the ability to use the Internet on your Mac via your iPhone.

But your Mac and your iPhone won’t just communicate over Bluetooth without a little bit of set up first.

How To Connect iPhone To MacBook Via Bluetooth

Or connect your iMac, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Any Mac to your iPhone.

And you’ll find it works for your iOS device like your iPad. Or iPod Touch.

1. Set Up Your Mac to Share Files Via Bluetooth.

First you need to set your Mac’s Bluetooth connection up.

You do that in your Mac’s System Settings (from Mac OS Ventura). In previous Mac releases like Monterey, it’s called System Preferences.

Click on the Apple icon top right of your Mac’s desktop. And depending on your version of Mac OS pick System Settings or Preferences from the Apple menu.

System Settings From Apple Menu

For Mac OS Ventura and later OS’s

Once in System Settings then scroll down and click General. Then Sharing.

System Settings General Sharing

Scroll down the right hand side of your System Settings and toggle on the switch for Bluetooth Sharing.

System Settings Bluetooth Sharing On

Then click on the information symbol (the letter i in a circle) alongside the Bluetooth sharing toggle switch. That will open a pop up window. And on this window, you can choose how your Mac handles files shared over Bluetooth.

Bluetooth File Sharing Options

In System Settings you can also click on Control Centre on the left hand side of the window. And select to show Bluetooth in Menu Bar.

Show Bluetooth In Menu Bar

Then you’ll see the Bluetooth icon in your Mac’s Menu Bar. And can control turning Bluetooth on and off. Plus manage the devices you’re connected to from your Mac’s Menu Bar.

Bluetooth Icon In Menu Bar

For Earlier Mac OS Releases

Scroll down to the Sharing icon and click.

System Preferences Sharing

You’ll then see your Mac’s Bluetooth menu.

Then put a check in the box against Bluetooth Sharing.

Set Up Bluetooth Sharing

Then use the other options on this screen to set your Bluetooth settings. And decide what happens when you Bluetooth transfer. Where the file transfer is received and where it’s stored.

Plus, what you allow another device to browse on your Mac computer over Bluetooth.

Then click ‘Open Bluetooth Preferences’.

And turn Bluetooth on by clicking the Button.

Connect iPhone Turn On Bluetooth

You can also check the box to ‘Show Bluetooth In menu bar’. Then you’ll see the Bluetooth icon in your Mac’s menu bar.

For All Mac OS Releases

Your Mac will also need AirDrop turned on. Go to AirDrop in a Finder window. Click on Airdrop in the sidebar. And pick who can discover you.

Set Up Airdrop For Sending Files Wirelessly

Although you are sending your files over Bluetooth. Both Apple devices use AirDrop over Bluetooth to do it.

2. Set up Your iPhone To Use Bluetooth

Tap on your iPhone’s Settings. Scroll down to the Bluetooth option and tap.

Bluetooth Connect iPhone To Mac No WIFI

Next tap to toggle the Bluetooth toggle button.  This switches on Bluetooth. And your iPhone starts searching for devices nearby with Bluetooth turned on.

When it finds your Mac or MacBook. Tap on its device name under Other Devices.

Bluetooth On iPhone Tap On Mac

Your Mac will show a device connection request screen. And if it’s the first time your mobile device has connected to your Mac then you’ll see a unique code. Check your Apple device shows the same code.

Then tap to accept on your iPhone.

And click, to accept on your Mac. And you’ve paired your two Apple devices.

3. Bluetooth Send A File To Mac From Your iPhone

When you’ve connected your iPhone and Mac over Bluetooth. You can pick what you want to send. Bluetooth functionality means you’ve quite a few options.

You can send iPhone photos from your phone’s Photo App. iPhone contact details, Notes, iPhone files, to your paired device. You can send anything from your iPhone where you’re shown the share icon. Or you’ve a share option.

iPhone Share Icon

To send from your iPhone. Tap what you want to send. Then on the share icon or share option. Then find and tap on your Mac in the list. Or tap on AirDrop then tap on your Mac’s name to send.

4. Send a File To Your iPhone From Your Mac On Bluetooth

With both the devices connected on Bluetooth.

On your Mac go to the file you want to send to your iPhone.

Right click on the file and scroll down to Share on the menu. And from the sub menu that comes up click AirDrop.

Then your file is sent to your iPhone device over Bluetooth using AirDrop.

Click done when you’re finished sending on your Mac.

When your iPhone receives the file. You’ll get asked which app you’d like to save the file under. Choose the app and save your file to your iOS device.

5. Set up Your iPhone As A Personal Hotspot For Your Mac

How to connect iPhone to Mac Bluetooth Internet hotspot?

It’s easy to do this. With your iPhone and Mac connected on Bluetooth. Go to Settings On your iPhone. Scroll down to Personal Hotspot and Tap.

Toggle on the setting ‘Allow Others To Join’.

And as long as both your iPhone or other iOS device. And your Mac are signed into the same iCloud account. Your Mac will pick up on the personal hotspot. And ask to connect.  Connect to give your Mac Internet access via your iPhone.

Issue With Connecting iPhone To MacBook Bluetooth?

If you’ve Bluetooth problems connecting to your MacBook or Mac. And can’t get your iPhone to connect to your Mac after you’ve turned on Bluetooth.

Move closer to your Mac. Bluetooth is pretty sensitive to distance, and interference.

If you’ve a Bluetooth Issue and you’ve connected from your iPhone to your Mac before. But it won’t connect now.

Remove your Mac from the connected device list your iPhone has paired with. Let your iPhone search for your Mac again. And reconnect to solve your Bluetooth problem.

If you get a call while your iPhone is acting as a Personal Hotspot. That’ll likely degrade your Mac’s Internet access.

If your Bluetooth issue is that your Internet access stays degraded after you’ve finished your call. Toggle on and off the Personal Hotspot option. And your internet performance will come right back up again.

You can find out more on this subject at this post on the site. Why Cant, Wont My iPhone Connect To My Mac Via Bluetooth.

In Closing

Now you’ve taken a romp through connecting your iPhone to your Mac using Bluetooth. And also found out how to connect iPhone to Mac via Bluetooth.

While you’re here do take a look at our other iPhone related articles.

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