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Samsung T5 on Mac Review, Bust Waiting times on your Mac

By Simon Irons / January 3, 2020

MacTakeAwayData Rank – 9 stars out of 10 When you’re looking for a classy looking, lightening fast SSD drive for your Mac. You might find the Samsung T5 is for you. And stop wasting time waiting for your Mac’s drive. Samsung T5 on Mac Pros Samsung T5 on Mac Cons Samsung T5 on Mac Verdict […]

Best WD My Passport for Mac Review for Your Mac

By Simon Irons / January 3, 2020

Oh no! It’s a disaster your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is out of space. What now? You need somewhere to offload some of those files and fast. And you should really have a backup of everything you’ve on your Mac while you’re about it. Because the last thing you want is your documents, videos […]

Apple Airport Time Capsule Review, Is It Still Great?

By Paul Gregory / January 2, 2020

​MacTakeAwayData Rank You’ve been able to buy the Apple Airport Time Capsule since 2013. And those of you who knew the 4th generation will love the significantly smaller footprint of the new 2TB and 3TB Airport Time Capsule.  This latest 5th generation is more attractive in its design. But several years on from its release will you find […]

WD Elements VS My Passport Which is Best for Your Mac?

By Paul Gregory / January 2, 2020

You’ve been looking at external hard drives for your Mac. And you quite fancy the two from Western Digital. The decision has come down to the WD Elements versus My Passport. Which is the best external drive for you? You’ll find in this article the head to head similarities along with the differences. So that you can choose […]

Holiday Gifts for the iPhone and Mac User – Not the Usual

By Simon Irons / November 3, 2019

You find in this article 3 great Christmas holiday gift ideas. You’ll have something for the iPhone user who just adores taking photos or videos. And when they’re a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air or iMac user. And you’re looking for something a little unusual. Something they’d love. And something you’d love to get them. […]

Toshiba Canvio Connect II on Mac? (Review)

By Paul Gregory / September 26, 2019

MacTakeAwayData Rank – 7.5 stars out of 10 Your Toshiba Canvio Connect II portable external hard drive was replace in January 2019 by the Canvio Advance. But you’ll find that the Canvio Connect Ii external hard drive continues to be popular with Mac owners. And in this article you can find out why. You can […]

Toshiba Canvio Connect II vs Basics vs Advance On Mac

By Paul Gregory / September 25, 2019

Toshiba refreshed their external hard drive line up in December 2018. When the Canvio Advance replaced your Toshiba Canvio Connect II. Now that your Canvio Connect II is sun setting. And you’re looking at a replacement drive. Or for another drive to sit alongside your Connect II. Either way you’re curious. So how does the Canvio Basics or the […]

Buffalo DriveStation 3TB Axis Velocity Review for Mac

By Paul Gregory / August 13, 2019

You’ll find out in this article how the Buffalo DriveStation desktop 3TB USB 3.0 external hard drive performs. And why you as a Mac user will find it great storage.. You’ll discover the good points. The things to watch for. And how to connect your Buffalo Drivestation Axis to your Mac. Why You’ll Want your […]

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