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Format WD My Passport for Mac, 10 Quick Steps

By Simon Irons / October 20, 2019

You’re mad as hell because your new WD My Passport drive is ‘read only’ on your Mac. Right now it’s less use than a brick. You just want the thing to work on your Mac. Don’t worry it’s quick to do. And in 10 quick steps I’ll tell you how to format WD Passport for […]

Seagate Time Machine, How to Set Up In 5 Minutes

By Paul Gregory / October 12, 2019

You’ve your Seagate external drive in your hand. You’re looking at your Mac. You want a Time Machine backup so that you can keep your documents, photo’s and music safe. The last thing you want is for something to mess up your Mac. And then find your documents gone. You know having a Time Machine […]

How to Use Seagate External Hard Drive on Mac, 16 Ways

By Paul Gregory / October 10, 2019

What if something happened to your Mac and you didn’t have a backup? What if something happened to an important document on your Mac? Say you messed up one of your documents and needed to get it back. That’s when having a copy of your files on an external hard drive comes in. When you’re […]

Can I Use a Seagate Hard Drive on a Mac? (Find Out)

By Paul Gregory / October 8, 2019

The answer is yes. A solid yes. The good news is your Mac is awesome. And when you want to free up space on your Mac. To download your photos from the cloud. Or you need a drive for backup. You can use any Seagate external hard drive on your Mac. There are some things […]

How to Format a Seagate Hard Drive for Mac. It’s Simple

By Paul Gregory / October 6, 2019

Looking for simple straight forward help on how to format your Seagate hard drive for your Mac? Because you just want to get your Mac’s backup done. Or you need your drive to free up space on your Mac. Or download that mass of photos because you don’t want to pay for any more cloud […]

Seagate Backup Plus NTFS Driver for Mac Uncertain You Need It

By Paul Gregory / September 29, 2019

You’ve plugged in your Seagate Backup Plus drive. And then you’ve tried to copy your documents onto your Backup Plus. But your Mac says no. And won’t do it.  Your Mac says your Seagate Backup Plus drive is read only. What now? Why is My Mac Telling Me My Seagate Backup Plus Drive is Read […]

Seagate Expansion on Mac, Want it but can I Use on My Mac?

By Simon Irons / September 28, 2019

Are you asking yourself … Can your Seagate Expansion be used with a Mac? Along with the question is your Seagate Expansion compatible with your Mac? The answer to both questions is a big Yes! It doesn’t matter whether you have a 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB or 5TB Seagate Expansion. You can have it and […]

Partition Seagate Backup Plus Shape so You’ll Love it on Mac

By Paul Gregory / September 27, 2019

So you want to whip your Seagate Backup Plus into shape. Partition shape. You’ve a large Seagate Backup Plus and partitioning it is just the thing. You can then have different sections of the drive so that you can store exactly what you want where you want. Set it up so perfect so that you […]

How To Restore Mac from Time Machine Guarantee No Stress

By Simon Irons / September 25, 2019

You’ve lost a file, over wrote a file, deleted it. Because you thought you didn’t need it. Now you do – you’re stressed – you need that file back. But you’ve a back up of it. Relax. I’ll talk you through you to get it back. Who is the Blog Post for? This article is […]

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