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Yes, you can connect an iPhone to a Mac via Bluetooth.

But should you connect your iPhone to your MacBook over Bluetooth?

And what happens when you do connect the two?

If you should, depends on what you’re trying to do.

Below you’ll find some of the advantages of connecting your iPhone to your MacBook.

Along what happens when you do.

Can You Connect iPhone To Mac Via Bluetooth?

Yes, you can connect an iPhone to a Mac via Bluetooth. To do: On your Mac turn on Bluetooth. On your iPhone tap the Settings app. Scroll to the Bluetooth option and turn on the Bluetooth button. Tap on your Mac computer when it appears in Other Devices to connect.

Accept the Bluetooth connection request on your Mac. Check the paired device code on your Mac is the same as the code on your iPhone. Then tap to accept on your iPhone.

For more details on how to set up Bluetooth on your Mac. And on your iPhone with pictures to make it easy. Check out this article on the site. Connect iPhone To Mac Bluetooth (How, Why, Pros, Cons).

Should I Connect My iPhone To My MacBook Via Bluetooth?

You’ll find many advantages to connecting your iPhone to your MacBook. Or your Mac via Bluetooth.

1. You can make a Bluetooth device connection from your iPhone to your Mac.

When you’ve no WIFI to your iPhone or your MacBook. But you need to move files between the two.

You should then switch on Bluetooth. And use to send photos from your iPhone‘s Photos app to your Mac.

Or you can send and share contact information, notes. Anything with a share option to your Mac from your iPhone.

Perfect when you’re working on your Mac in a location with poor WIFI.

iPhone Share Icon

Use your Apple device’s Bluetooth to file transfer files between the two.

2. As a Mac user you can send files from your Mac to your iPhone.

All using Bluetooth technology without a Wi Fi connection.

Pick a file and right click on it and scroll down to share. Then pick AirDrop.

Right Click File In Finder And AirDrop

File transfer over Bluetooth uses Apple’s AirDop technology to send the files. And you’ve no need for WIFI.

You just need an App on the iPhone compatible with the file you’re sending.

3. You need Access to the Internet on your Mac. And you’ve no WIFI.

But you’ve a nearby Apple device – your mobile phone. And that device has a cellular data plan. And you’re in an area with a strong enough signal to make your iPhone’s data plan usable.

You should then create your iPhone as a personal hotspot.

For a great personal hotspot, it’s easiest to have both your iPhone and Mac. Or MacBook signed into the same Apple id.

Because this means you won’t need to type in a complex WI FI password for your iPhone to use your iPhone’s WI FI hotspot.

Once you’ve got both device’s Bluetooth switched on. Go into the Settings app on your iPhone and scroll down to personal hotspot. Tap. Then toggle on the button to allow others to join.

At that point your Mac knows it has no WIFI. But it sees the personal hotspot on your iPhone and will request to join.

Say yes and you’re up and running with Internet on your Mac. Using your iPhone’s personal hotspot.

5. Share A Bluetooth Accessory

Like Bluetooth headphones, a Bluetooth headset, keyboard or a trackpad.  Unfortunately, many Bluetooth accessories will only pair to one device at a time.

But having Bluetooth switched on. Means you can pair your iPhone or Mac with a Bluetooth device as you need to use it.

Move a Bluetooth speaker from your Mac to use on your iPhone, for example.

6. No need for a USB cable.

Ideal when you need to send files between the two Apple devices, your iPhone and Mac. But you forgot to bring a USB cable.

You should use the Bluetooth functionality between the two.  Bluetooth connectivity is limited to nearby devices. And that means your iPhone and Mac need to be within 30 to 33 feet of each other.

What Happens When You Connect iPhone To Mac Bluetooth

Connect your iPhone to your Mac over Bluetooth and you can share files between the two. You can create a personal hotspot and share your iPhone’s cellular data with your Mac.

Choose What Happens On Your Mac

You can set your Mac’s Bluetooth preference and choose what happens when you send a file to your Mac.

To do that you click on the Apple icon top right of your Mac’s desktop.

Choose Systems Preferences from the Apple menu. Then click on Sharing.

Set Up Bluetooth Sharing

Click on Bluetooth sharing and you’ll see the Bluetooth menu.

On the right hand side of the screen. You can choose what happens on your Mac when your Bluetooth sharing files.

Set what happens when you receive a file. Where the file goes. And what another device can browse on your Mac. And which folder another Bluetooth device can look at.

Click the ‘Open Bluetooth Preferences’ button.

Connect iPhone Turn On Bluetooth

In your Bluetooth preference window.

You can turn Bluetooth on or off. And check the box ‘show Bluetooth in menu bar’.

Picking this option will show the Bluetooth icon in your Mac’s menu bar. At the top of your desktop

Bluetooth Icon In Menu Bar

With your Bluetooth icon in the menu bar. You can click on it to turn Bluetooth on and off easily. You can also see each Bluetooth device your Mac knows about. And control connecting and disconnecting by clicking on each name in the list.

What Happens On Your iPhone

When your Mac sends a file to your iPhone, you’ll get a pop up notification. With a list of apps. You’ll get a chance to pick which app is the best to receive the file your Mac has sent.

Pick the app on your iPhone that’s the most appropriate for the file type sent.

In Closing

Other things to note.

Yes, you can transfer files between one device and the other. But you can’t use Bluetooth to sync or backup your iPhone using Finder to your Mac. For that you’ll need a wired USB connection between the two. Or WIFI.

If you own another iOS device. Like an iPad, or iPod Touch you’ll have the option on Bluetooth for on those too. And you’ll get the same benefits connecting that iOS device to your Mac as your iPhone.

While you’re here feel free to check out our other iPhone and Mac Bluetooth articles.

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