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Can You Backup iPhone on Mac, MacBook or MacBook Air?

Yes, you can. If your Mac or MacBook runs MacOS Catalina or MacOS Big Sur or later then you use a finder window. And as long as your Mac has available space on its internal drive.

Plug in your iPhone into your Mac laptop using its USB lightning cable.

Open a Finder window and click on the name of your iPhone under Locations.

iPhone In Finder Window
iPhone In Finder Window

Click the General heading on the Button bar.

Scroll down and click the Back Up Now button to backup your iPhone.

To Start IPhone To Mac Backup Click Backup Button

For a full walk through on How do you backup your iPhone to your Mac click on the link text.

And head over to the post on this site telling you exactly how.

Can You Backup More Than One iPhone On A Mac or MacBook?

Yes, as long as you have the space on your Mac’s internal drive. There’s no restriction on how many iPhone’s you can backup on a Mac computer.

Particularly useful if your family has more than one iPhone.

As long as you can open the iPhone with its passcode, using Touch id or Face id. You use it’s USB cable to connect to your Mac and backup using a Finder window.

Can You Backup iPhone Without WIFI Or The Internet?

Yes, by backing up your iPhone directly to your Mac using its lighting USB cable.

You’ll need free drive space on your Mac to take your iPhone content. Then you simply use your USB cable to connect your iPhone to your Mac.

Your backup your iPhone by opening up a finder window. And click your iPhone under locations.

By backing up your iPhone to your Mac or MacBook there’s no need for WIFI.

Like you’ll need for an iCloud backup.

Can You Backup Your iPhone And Still Use It?

Yes, kicking off an iPhone backup on your Mac doesn’t stop you from using your iPhone. An iPhone backup to your Mac takes only a few minutes. It doesn’t shut down your iPhone. Or stop it from receiving text or messages on iMessage.

You can also kick off a manual iCloud backup on your iPhone and still use your phone.

You go into your phones Settings. Tap on your Account Name, Apple id at the top of the settings. Tap on iCloud > iCloud backup. Then tap backup now.

Then you’re free to use your iPhone.

But when you’re doing an automatic iCloud backup. Your iPhone needs to be connected to power. Screen locked, and your iPhone on WIFI. And you’ll need enough free space in your iCloud storage to complete your iPhone backup.

Can You Backup Your iPhone On Someone Else’s Mac?

Yes. As long as you can log into that Mac. And that Mac has the available disk space to hold your backup. Yes, you’ve the backup option of backing up your iPhone to a Mac computer that’s not your own.

You plug in your iPhone using a USB lightning cable. Open up a Finder window. Click on your iPhone under the Locations heading. Open up your iPhone with your passcode, Touch id or Face id.

You’ll need to click trust this iPhone on the Mac you’re backing your iPhone onto.

Connect IPhone To Macbook And Click Trust

And click trust on your iPhone to trust the Mac you’re backing up to.

Then by scrolling down the screen you can click on Back Up Now to backup.

Can You Backup iPhone On Multiple Computers?

Yes, there is nothing stopping your from backing up your iPhone to your Mac. Or to another Mac you own. Or to a Windows PC.

MacOS doesn’t stop you from backing up your iPhone to several computers.

Actually, having your iPhone backed up on more than one computer is a good insurance policy. Just in case one computer fails. You can get to your iPhone backup file on another computer.

Can You Backup iPhone Without Passcode, Touch ID or Face ID?

Yes, you can. But, the first time you iPhone backup to your Mac you’ll need to unlock your iPhone. And tap on Trust to trust the Mac your iPhone is backing up to. And tap Trust to trust the iPhone you’re backing up to your Mac.

After the first time you backup your iPhone to your Mac. Whether you can backup without a passcode, Touch ID or Face ID depends on the level of IOS you’re running. At iOS 14, iOS 15 and above you’ve a USB setting on your iPhone.

You’ll find the USB setting under Settings.

Scroll down the Settings. And depending on the generation of iPhone you have you tap into Touch iD and & Passcode. Or Face id & Passcode.

You’ll need to tap in the passcode of your iPhone to look at what’s set there. If the iPhone requires a passcode you’ll see it there.

And further down that screen is the USB Accessories setting. A backup to your Mac because it’s over USB cable is a USB feature.

iPhone USB Accessories Turned Off

With the setting turned on. You “Unlock iPhone to allow USB accessories to connect when it has been more than an hour since your iPhone was locked.”

iPhone USB Accessories Turned On

This means that if your iPhone screen’s locked for more than an hour. You’ll need to unlock your iPhone to backup to your Mac. And so, you’ll need your Passcode, Touch ID or Face ID.

Less than an hour since you opened your iPhone then you can just plug into your Mac and backup.

You also won’t need a passcode for an automatic backup on iCloud.

For an automatic iCloud Backup your Mac needs to be locked. Plugged into power and on WIFI.

Then your iPhone will back up to your iCloud storage without you needing the passcode.

Can You Backup iPhone With Broken Screen?

Yes, if your iPhone still works and it’s set up to back up to iCloud storage. You’ll need to plug your iPhone into a power outlet. And have your iPhone connected to WIFI. So you’ll need to do this on a WIFI network your iPhone already knows.

Then as long as you’ve got free cloud storage space on iCloud then your iPhone will backup.

If your usual backup solution is a backup direct to a Mac. Then the answer is it depends.

Depending on the USB accessories setting you have on your iPhone. You may have your iPhone set to not talk over USB without a passcode, Touch Id or Face ID.

And if this broken screen mean you can’t enter in your passcode. Or open the phone with Touch id or Face id?

Then the broken screen means you can’t you can’t backup to your Mac.

If the USB accessories setting is off. Then there’s no problem you won’t need a passcode to backup to your Mac. As long as you’ve backed up to the Mac before.

Can You Backup iPhone To iPad?

When what you’re looking to do is to use spare space you have on your iPad to back your iPhone up to. Then No, there’s no option in iOS to allow one iOS device to backup to another iOS device.

There are some 3rd party software tools that claim to offer iOS device to iOS device backup.

But if what’s you really want to do is build your iPad using the set up on your iPhone. That’s something you can do.

You would first backup your iPhone to your Mac. Or a Windows PC by downloading iTunes software for your PC. And do an iTunes backup. Or you could do the same using an iCloud backup of your iPhone.

Then use the backup of your iPhone on your Mac, Windows PC or iCloud. To restore that backup to your iPad.

The iPad compatible items are downloaded and restored.

You can do the same the other way round. And build your new iPhone from your iPad backup.

Then only the iPhone compatible items are copied to the iPhone.

Can You Backup iPhone To An External Hard Drive On Mac?

No, there’s no easy way to backup your iPhone to an external hard drive directly attached to your Mac.

But, it is possible to do a deep dive into MacOS. And create symbolic links. You link from where your iPhone’s backup folder is normally stored on your Mac. And direct those links to an external hard drive. Once the links are in place. Then your standard iPhone backup to Mac would go onto an externally attached drive.

It’s technical to do and you’ll need the confidence to get it done on your Mac.

And if anything happens to those symbolic links. Then you’ve risked ruining your backup.

The good news is that your iPhone backup to Mac is done in a very clever way. And 30GB’s of iPhone data does not mean your backup will take 30GB on your Mac. No where near.

And that means another way of going about this is to take a normal backup to your Mac.

And once the iPhone to Mac backup is done. Then you copy the iPhone backup folder to an external drive. And free up space on your Mac.

You can check out this article on the site. Delete iPhone Backups On Mac to find out where your iPhone backup location is. This is where your iPhone files are stored. So you can move them to an external drive.

Just make sure that if you need to restore your iPhone backup file. So that you can restore your iPhone. You copy the all the folders and files from that backup into the same place they were originally on your Mac.

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