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Clone Your Mac Boot Drive to an External Drive 12 Steps

By Simon Irons / November 12, 2019

It’s a great idea to have a clone copy of your Mac’s internal hard drive – a Mac boot clone drive – just in case your hard drive fails. You then have the option to get yourself up and running on your Mac with all your files by booting from your cloned drive. And you […]

Saving Photos From iPhone to External Hard Drive Easily

By Simon Irons / November 12, 2019

Can the Photos on your iPhone be saved onto an External Hard Drive? The answer is hell yes and I show you how. What will you Get from Reading this Article? How to save your photos from your iPad or iPhone direct to an external hard drive without using iTunes, Photos or iPhoto to do […]

Holiday Gifts for the iPhone and Mac User – Not the Usual

By Simon Irons / November 3, 2019

You find in this article 3 great Christmas holiday gift ideas. You’ll have something for the iPhone user who just adores taking photos or videos. And when they’re a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air or iMac user. And you’re looking for something a little unusual. Something they’d love. And something you’d love to get them. […]

Best WD My Passport for Mac Review for Your Mac

By Simon Irons / November 1, 2019

Oh no! It’s a disaster your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is out of space. What now? You need somewhere to offload some of those files and fast. And you should really have a backup of everything you’ve on your Mac while you’re about it. Because the last thing you want is your documents, videos […]

Setup Your Samsung T5 Like a Boss on Your Mac

By Simon Irons / October 24, 2019

Learn the simple easy steps to setup your Samsung T5 on your MacBook Pro, Air or iMac. Learn the things you need to know that are unique to using your Samsung T5 on your Mac. And get your Samsung T5 set up like a boss. Are you ready? Let’s get started. How to Setup Your […]

How to Use Samsung T5 On Your Mac, 4 Ways

By Simon Irons / October 23, 2019

Using your Samsung T5 on Your Mac. Four Ways You Can 1. You’ll find the Samsung T5 great when you’ve intensive, heavy work you need to do on your Mac. And you need a fast external Solid State Drive. 2. When your Mac’s internal drive is nearly full you can off load your files to […]

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