You’ll want an external drive to restore from when you’ve had a tragic failure of your MacBook or iMac.

Yes you thought your cloud backup was running all ok.

But it wasn’t.

And when you accidentally deleted your photo album you lost your favorite family holiday pictures….

Then there was the day that …

Just in case.

But you never got round to getting one and backing up your Mac.

Because you’re a busy person.

When it happened.

You had your techie friend come over to help you out.

And when they said, “Nope, it’s all gone. I’ll have to load it all back from your backup.”

“What backup?” You said.

And they just shook their head.

And now you need somewhere to off load your pictures, videos and music.

There is Google cloud, Dropbox, iCloud …

You can even get some storage for free.

But when you’ve hit your free storage limit. You then have to delete some files.

Or you’d better dig into your pocket and pay.

And then you’re into paying each month. Month on Month.

Why is it assumed that you’d want to hand your files over to iCloud, Dropbox or whoever?

What if you don’t want be at the mercy of some other company.

What they get hacked?

And your files are out there on the web.

Then you can’t get to your files till everything is back up and running again.

Maybe you want the peace of mind that all your files are right there in your home. Where you can get to them. And it doesn’t matter if your connection to the Internet is working or not.

You need performance.

When you get yourself an external hard drive for your Mac

You can back up your phone, with its music and photos, up to your Mac.

You can backup your iPad and all that’s on it, up to your Mac.

And backup your MacBook to an external drive.

Off load files from your Mac to an external drive.

Carry your documents and movies with you on an external drive to use on another Mac. Or even a Windows PC somewhere else.

Or you need some advice on how to use an external hard drive.

You want some hints and tips.

Then you’re in the right place.

What You’ll Find

MacTakeAwayData was created out of an interest and love of all things Apple. Simon Irons and I have used Mac products for years.

And felt frustrated with the stuff out there on the web. The information about connecting external drives to Macs. 

Have you found that too?

Your Reviews

Yes, these reviews are for you. What you’ll get are interesting, accurate and entertaining posts. 

Because we know that you want to see the best product reviews.

And you want to keep on top of industry trends.

You’ll find the key facts.

The best aspects, the worst aspects.

Does it do its job?

It is not just about the drives.

You’ll find our reviews light, fun and clear.

Because we know you’ll want something that’s rigorous and fair.

You’ll get reviews that are of interest to you the Mac owner. And those that are worth looking at.

We are not sponsored by. Or paid by any of the manufacturers or brands to review their external drives. You’ll find us Independent. And we hope each review will help you save time in choosing the right drive for you.

The Advice You’ll Find

When you need to backup your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or iMac then you’ll find the advice you need.

How to choose a backup drive that’s right for you.

How to setup your picked external hard drive so that you can use it on your Mac.

How to recover your Mac and your files once you’ve taken your backup.

Or cloned your drive.

You’ll find clear instructions with pictures to help you do what you need to.

Your External Hard Drive Prices

Prices change without notice.

So you won’t find prices quoted here.

You’ll get hints to let you know if the external drive you’re looking at is toward the high end of the market.

Whether its a mid range drive. Or for you if you’re on a budget. You can click on the links shown on this site to check the latest price.

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