About Us

Perhaps you have just had a catastrophic failure of your laptop.

Maybe you have had a failure of your cloud backup solution – you thought the backup was running ok but when it came to the crunch you lost your favourite family pictures.

Perhaps you knew you really should have a copy of your files somewhere, just in case but never got round to it. After all you are a busy person.

Then it happened.

Maybe you had a friend try to help you and they said, “Nope, it’s all gone so you had better reload from your backup.”

“What backup.” You looked at them vaguely.

Or it could be that you are just running out of space on your laptop or computer. There are some things you are happy with storing on cloud services – lots of suppliers have then – Apple does, so does Google, Dropbox etc, You can even get some storage for free.

But what about the data you prefer to keep more local, close by? Or you have large files and need storage performance.

Maybe you just want the peace of mind that your files are here in your home, where you can touch them and feel them regardless of whether your internet is working or not.

Lets face it we have all been there in one form or another

If you can just get the right piece of kit, then you can back up your phone, with its music and photos, up to your computer. While you’re at it, you can backup your ipad or tablet too.

Every hour you spend assessing is an hour you are not with your family or getting done what you need to get done and you need some help.

This site is for those people

This site is for you.

This is US

MacTakeAwayData was created out of an interest and love of all things Apple. The team have used Mac products for years and felt some degree of frustration at the information out there already on connecting external disk drives to Mac’s.

The assumption is that you want to hand your data over to another company, iCloud, Dropbox etc.

What if you don’t want to store your data in the cloud?

Be at the mercy of a company holding your data. What about those instances of companies being hacked? And their users’ data being stolen. What if the cloud service you have signed up to is experiencing an outage and you can’t get to your data when you want?

If you need to recover your Mac and its data and you have an issue with your Internet, then having your data close by, could be the only option to get you up and running again.

For these reasons and other situations we found ourselves in, we needed a remedy. So here we are adding our voice to the web.


Our aim is for our posts to be interesting, accurate and entertaining.

To provide the best product reviews and to keep track of industry trends and the new and interesting products out there.

In our assessments we look at the key facts, design and appearance. Does the product do the job? Does it help you do the job you need? It is not just about the disk drives.

See our latest views and reviews on new equipment manufacturers have released to us, the consumer.

Our aim is to keep the language on the site light, fun and clear. To be rigorous and fair, we aim to get you the right equipment for exactly what you need.

We only review hardware and software that we think is of interest to the MacTakeAwaydata audience and that we think are worth looking at.

You won’t see a poorly done review on MacTakeAwaydata.

If we find something that we don’t like then we’ll clearly say so that you know we operate with integrity.

Our goal is to do a detailed review of the hardware and provide fair assessments with side-by-side comparisons to help you make your buying decision.

We are not sponsored by or paid by any of the manufacturers or paid by any brand to review their external disk drives. We love our independence and we review to help you save time.

And most of all we review for the love of it.


Prices change without notice so we are unable to show prices directly on our site.

Hovering over links or clicking on links will allow you to see the latest prices offered. We give indications as to whether the product is generally aimed towards the higher end of the market, a mid range product or budget, to give you a rough indication.


Your privacy is of great value to us and we do not use any unusual means to track you as an individual or your visit to our site. You can see our Privacy Policy here.

Affiliate Links

There are affiliate links on this site and these are clearly marked.

Should you choose to purchase any of the products we have reviewed, you can by clicking on the links. And if you make any purchase the retailer will contribute to this site.

It won’t cost you anything extra.

Thanks, Paul