​Protect Your Data

MacTakeAwayData When:

  • The only copies of your precious files are on your Mac.
  • When you are clean out of space.
  • You need a top rated external hard drive to put on your Mac.
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The Top rated external hard drives for MAC

When you need to expand the storage space on your Mac,

because ...

You have filled all the drive space and now what.

All those podcasts, your music, documents, videos of grandma and photos of your crazy cat .. Its all on there.

You'd rather not trust the cloud. You have some ultra sensitive videos and photos - if you know what I mean. And what if some jerk broke into your cloud account?

​And your worried that should your Mac have a meltdown they would all be gone. You feel vulnerable having only one copy of everything. It is a risk isn't it? What if your Mac was stolen?

Your search is on. You need extra space or a reliable drive to take a backup to.

Find the Best Backup Drives For Your Mac

Reviews of The Top External Hard Drives For Mac

We'll hold your hand and walk you through the maze of what is out there.

Best External Drive Advice for your Mac

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You'll discover:

​How to connect your new drive to your Mac

How to save and backup your files

Hints and tips for storing all your stuff